Apr 7, 2012

Greta Balajthy (Hungary)

"The problem" is never the problem.

 The problem is how we feel about "the problem." 
                                                                                                                                                                                  Greta Balajthy

 Advanced Facilitator, Instructor and Short program Instructor

 with international certificate officially authorized by 3in1 Concepts.

 Since 2010 Supervisory Board Chairman of Association of  Hungarian  Kineziologists

 Since 2011 member of International Association of Specialized Kineziologists

 You can contact me here: http://www.mosoly100.hu/contact
Greta Balajthy               
1164 Budapest
Phone (work)
Year of first Kinesiology Workshop
Modalities you use
One Brain,Numerology, Children’s class Training
Modalities you teach (i.e. TFH, Educating alternatives ……)
One Brain, Children’s class Training

 We help people in
 -getting back their openness and ability to change so that they can
 accomplish their goals.
 -reminding them that we ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE!
 (Even if we do not choose anything that means that we have chosen “not  to choose”!)

 Change is a process. As Lao-ce says: “Each 1000 km begins with one step”.

 This step is the most difficult to make, but if we see our goal and it really motivates us, we can use this energy to fulfill our dreams!

 Using both of our brain hemispheres we can find our own answers on
 “how” to make this happen.
More you can find on my website: http://www.mosoly100.hu/content/english
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Articles on English
Articles on Russian

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