Apr 26, 2012

Russian Interregional Professional Kinesiology Association (Russia)

 «Межрегиональная профессиональная ассоциация кинезиологии»

Russian Interregional Professional Kinesiology Association
НП «Межрегиональная профессиональная ассоциация кинезиологии»
 117624, MOSCOW, Skobelevskaya 23-2-30
Phone (work)
Phone (mobile)
Established in
2011 г.
Modalities you use
3 in 1 Concepts, Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Reset, Kinergetics, Transformation memory DNA
Modalities you teach (i.e. TFH, Educating alternatives ……)
3 in 1 Concepts, RESET1, Brain Gym,  Touch for Health (from July 2013), Transformation memory DNA (from October 2013)

Association’s  page:

Members of our association are participating on available updates and
continuously developing their skills.

The board of the Association:
President - Mrs. Yulia Klimenko
Vise President for Interregional Professional Develop – Mrs. Elena  Kostina
Financial Manager - Mrs. Elena Kolosovskaya

In case of any questions please contact
Mrs. Elena Kostina

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