May 6, 2012

Zivana Krusic (Luxembourg)

Mr./Hr. __     Ms./Fru.
Zivana Krusic
7, Kettengaass L-5680 Dalheim/Luxembourg
Phone (work)/Telefon (arbejde)
+352 26 36 28 32

Year of first Kinesiology Workshop /Årstal for første kinesiologi-kursus
Modalities you use /Modaliteter du bruger
TFH, Brain Gym, Stress Release, Concept Three in One, Adaptogenèse
Modalities you teach/Modaliteter du underviser i (f.eks. TFH, Educating alternatives ……)

Year of Birth and Nationality /Fødselsår og nationalitet
1975 – Luxembourg
Personal page (max. 1 A4-page sent as a Word-document. If you want it in your own language as well make sure it does not exceed 1 page!) /Personlig side (max. 1 A4-page sendt som et Word-document. Hvis du også vil have det på dit eget sprog, så vær sikker på, at det ikke overskrider 1 side )
Situated in the heart of Luxembourg and fluent in Luxemburgish, French, German, Serbian and English, I am pleased to assist you in any area of your life.

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