Jul 7, 2014

The International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists - IASK

IASK is an international membership association of active Kinesiologists who convey worldwide the spirit and ideals of Kinesiology. IASK brings together practitioners of all forms of Kinesiology.

We provide our colleagues, worldwide, with a platform for the international exchange of professional experiences via our website, Newsletter and International Conferences.

We aim at collecting and publicizing national and regional information about standards of training, criteria of course accreditation and legal environment to help national professional associations have an overview of the main trends in the world. 

Our last Conference was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, May 1th-4th 2014. 

If you are working with any Specialized Kinesiology modalities, wherever in the world, if you can uphold our Code of Ethics and if you feel you would like to belong to a larger community, join IASK !

For more information, go to our website : www.iask.org

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