Dec 5, 2016

Dr.G. Dallas Hancock



Dr. G. Dallas Hancock D.C., Ph.D


Year of first Kinesiology Workshop


 7827 N. Armenia Avenue
 Tampa, Florida  33604     USA


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Dallas Hancock

Dallas Hancock, D.C., Ph.D.

Modalities you use*

Sutural releases, CranioSomatic Foundations, CranioStructural Integration,  Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic,  SOT.
Modalities you teach* (please provide the link/s to the directory/ directories of current and updated instructors of the modality/modalities you teach)
Sutural releases, CranioSomatic Foundations, CranioStructural Integration, Applied Kinesiology.
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Qualifications in other areas*
Chiropractic physician
Additional Information*

Dr. Hancock is a Chiropractic Physician who specializes in cranial techniques.  He has spent over twenty-five years investigating the relationships between sutural restrictions (both individual and global) and inhibited muscle function. He has identified, in the general population, many compensatory patterns of posture and musculoskeletal function associated with chronic cranial patterns. He has developed specific cranial techniques to release these cranial patterns and the associated compensatory musculoskeletal patterns. The cranial corrections provide long-term improvements in muscle function. The  correction of these cranial and musculoskeletal patterns was the subject of his  Ph.D. dissertation.  His specialization was Nuromusculoskeletal Structure And Function.

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