Apr 19, 2012

Diego Vellam (Italy)

Mr. __     Ms. __
Diego Vellam
Via Rutilia 22, 20141 Milano, Italy
Phone (work)
00 39 02 533634
00 39 1782225802 / 00 39 02 533634 
Year of first Kinesiology Workshop
Modalities you use
Cyberkinetics, Educating Alternatives, Applied Physiology, N.O.T., Hyperton – X, Edu – K, PKP, 3 in 1 Concepts, Brain Gym, Wellness Kinesiology, Touch for Health, N.S.T. (Neurostructural Integration Technique),  Self-Help (Barhydt), integrated with other main therapeutical alternatives like Craniosacral, Polarity and Sound Therapy, and above all with original research work.
Modalities you teach (i.e. TFH, Educating alternatives ……)
Cyberkinetics, Educating Alternatives, Edu – K, PKP, Touch for Health, Self-Help (Barhydt), plus more than 16 original workshops by the Academy of Kinesiology.
Year of Birth and Nationality
1959, Italian
Personal page (max. 1 A4-page sent as a Word-document. If you want it in your own language as well make sure it does not exceed 1 page!)
I am happy to flow with Kinesiology, and share it.
Sono felice di fluire con la Kinesiologia, e di condividerla.

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