Apr 19, 2012

Ger Hunter (Ireland)

Mr. __     Ms. __
Ger Hunter
1 Rockgrove Midleton Co. Cork, Ireland
Phone (work)
+353 21 4633421

Year of first Kinesiology Workshop
Modalities you use
TFH, Wellness, EduK P.R.A.N.A  Applied Physiology.
Modalities you teach (i.e. TFH, Educating alternatives ……)
TFH 1-4, TFH Metaphors, TFH ITW,   Wellness Kinesiology: Stress Release 1-4, Difusing Negative Personaltiy Traits, Overcoming Adversity, Biokinetic Exercises, Energy Centres, Nutritional Testing, Allergies, How to Find and Conquer,  Stress Release Instructor Training Workshop.  Senseational Kinesiology, (Colour for Health).  Nutritional Physiology.  P.R.A.N.A. 1,2 & 3
Year of Birth and Nationality
 1960  Irish
Personal page (max. 1 A4-page sent as a Word-document. If you want it in your own language as well make sure it does not exceed 1 page!)
Ger Hunter MKAI, MPRKCI is Founder and Principal Tutor, being one of Europe's foremost Kinesiology teachers and practitioners.
Ger is a practicing Kinesiologist since 1992, having trained extensively with many of the world's top Kinesiologists, in Ireland and abroad.
She is a registered Touch For Health Instructor with the International Kinesiology College, Australia since 1995, a Wellness Kinesiology Instructor with Topping International Institute since 1996; Ger teaches many of the courses from the Wellness Kinesiology programme and is a Certified Polarity Reflex Analysis Nutritional Assessment (P.R.A.N.A.) Instructor with Gateways College of Natural Therapeutics, California since 1998.
In March 2003 Ger was appointed as the International Kinesiology Faculty member to represent Ireland. Her responsibilities include training and support of Touch for Health Instructors in Ireland, and development of Touch for Health as a recognised health discipline.
In 2005 Ger was invited by Dr. Wayne Topping to become a faculty member of Topping International Institute representing Wellness Kinesiology and was both honoured and delighted to accept the post.

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