Jun 11, 2015

Lydia Bose

Nationality: German
Year of first Kinesiology Workshop


Otto-Hahn-Str.97, D-40591 Duesseldorf


Land line / Fixed  Phone Number

+49 211 1794 7720
Mobile Phone Number

+49 160 90866654


Lydia Bose
Modalities you use*

Kinesiology & NatureCoaching
Modalities you teach* (please provide the link/s to the directory/ directories of current and updated instructors of the modality/modalities you teach)

Brain Gym
Optimal Brain Organisation
7-Dimensions of Intelligence
Touch For Health
Metaphor & goal setting in TFH
Stress Release
Energy Psychology

Link to your course calendar*

Qualifications in other areas*
German Heilpraktiker- Natural Healer
Phytology – Soul of herbs
MBSR Teacher

Additional Information*

  • Own 3 Level/years Kinesiology Training, Curriculum cert by DGAK
  • Train./workshops in well-known institutes
  • Supervision and practise
  • Executive board DGAK

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