Jan 28, 2016

Kamilla Weightman

Nationality: Hungarian
Name: Kamilla Weightman, MSc, BFRP
Address: 1054 Budapest, Szechenyi u. 8
Website: kinesioart.info
Telephone: +36 70 5090529
Email: kamillaweightman@yahoo.co.uk
Year of first Kinesiology Workshop 2010
Modalities you use: One Brain (Three in One Concepts), 
                                    Bach Remedies, Nutritionist, Aura Soma, Schuessler salts, Neurology, Reiki

“The real causes of disease are such as: Fear, Ignorance, Grief, Impatience, Terror, Doubt… These if we allow them, will reflect themselves in the body causing what we call disease. Not understanding the real causes, we have attributed disharmony to external influences, germs, cold, heat and given names to the results, arthritis, cancer, asthma, etc.; thinking that disease begins in the physical body.”(Dr.E.Bach)

The wide range of kinesiology’s toolkit will help us find the ongoing emotional processes and behavioural chain in ourselves, supporting us in order to be able to let them go to achieve a better life. If our mind (both hemispheres) work in harmony we are able to notice the opportunities in life, we feel at peace and tranquil. Only in this case we can accept things as they are and find solutions for the unexpected when those arise.
Member of British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association

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